Distributed ledger technology will change the world. The Isle of Man enjoys permissive regulation that can offer you certainty and clarity in this burgeoning industry.

Unity Legal has experience with a number of blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses, being perhaps one of the few businesses that can claim some expertise in how crypto and blockchain businesses can flourish on the Isle of Man and the UK.

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority oversees crypto businesses based in the UK. In fact, the United Kingdom has been one of the most popular destinations for Initial Coin Offerings.

The Isle of Man’s Financial Services Authority oversees all crypto businesses based on the island for compliance with the AML and KYC Code. New guidance means crypto businesses can locate here but will need on-the-ground directors and presence. Call us today for expert support.

Unity Legal is here to help you with all business issues, from IP to corporate to employment and beyond. Call us now on +44 7624 35 60 45 for your first hour of confidential, professional advice. No obligation.


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